About Professional Building Performance Inc

Air Conditioning Service

Professional Building Performance Inc, services the greater Houston area and outlying suburbs, to attend to same day service for both residential and commercial concerns. Along with installation of systems for existing homes and offices, we also work with contractors on new construction projects, so the home or office can be outfitted with the most efficient systems to meet your needs.

Energy Efficient Heating Systems

Our experienced staff is certified and trained in the latest HVAC systems, with a continual effort to also stay up to date on newer technologies which afford greater safety and energy efficiency. This allows us to help you keep residential or commercial space current with both zoning laws and code changes, along with the most eco-friendly ways to maintain internal climate controls.

Homes and offices can require the replacement or removal of insulation to create a safer environment, and also to help the cost effectiveness of the heating and cooling systems.

At Professional Building Performance Inc, we ensure that proper insulation of ductwork and walls will cut down energy costs, and will also offer a healthy space to work and live.

Why Choose Professional Building Performance Inc?

  • High Quality Work
  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • Punctual Service